Paid job boards can provide great exposure for your job openings. Have you ever wondered which job board yields the best applicants? Now you can identify which job boards are giving you the best results with HireLoop Funnels.

How does it work?

HireLoop provides a generic email address to use anywhere, but this email address can be further customized for each place you post your open position.

Simply create a new Funnel for an Open Position and use that customized HireLoop address in than Funnel's medium under settings.

We'll automatically aggregate the sources of your applicant's. Applications added manually or using the generic HireLoop application email address will be marked as coming from an unknown Funnel.

Not using HireLoop already?

Hiring = Headache

Hiring can be a tedious process. Most of us can agree that it’s not the most enjoyable part of our to-do list. You proudly craft a job description, decide what job boards to post it to, and away you go. As you get back to actually doing the things that are in your job description, the consequences of your actions become very apparent. You take a deep breath and sink into your chair as you watch your inbox explode in front of your tired eyes. It’s only been 24 hours, and there are 140 new applications in front of you.

If reading this makes your hands sweaty; hi, we’re HireLoop. We exist to solve the problem of inefficient hiring. What we are not, is another job board.

HireLoop makes it easy for hiring managers to keep track of applicants in one organized place. Post your open position on any job board you’d like and just have interested applicants send an email to a custom HireLoop address . . . we’ll handle the rest.

Stop abusing your inbox and start efficiently hiring new talent, for free.

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